Welcome to the Travelers Within.  We are a community of world explorers and life travelers who share a very unique passion for adventure, discovery and well-being.  For us exploring new destinations in the outer world is truly magical, but we take the magic a step further by also exploring new destinations in the inner world.  For this magical nexus place between the outer and inner worlds is where merely living is transformed into the vivid fulfillment, joy and passion of being fully alive.

When our travel charter is more about "who is arriving" than "where we are headed," we have in essence come home to ourselves.  This coming home is as revolutionary for us as was discovering new lands upon the face of the Earth for ancient mariners.   If you have ever been deeply touched by visiting an extraordinary destination . . . and at the same time, realized that something extraordinary within you was also being touched, then you too may belong to the tribe called the "Travelers Within."  So who are these unique travelers?

Our Home Base: San Miguel de Allende


Our Sacred Grounds: El Charco del Ingenio