Imix is the Nagual Face of the crocodile, the Earth's reptilian body of basic survival forces, which translates into Primal Power.  Hun, is the Number (1), the energy of Candescent Initiation.  As the 1st Kin within the Trecena of Imix, or Primal Power, Imix + Hun illuminates our inner terrain of Dawning Intentions.

Today's Kin and its entire Trecena is an opportunity to honor and include our “darker” forces, the basic survival needs and wants moving deep within us.  These are forces we rarely acknowledge, yet which have a powerful influence over our behaviors, attitudes and actions.

The wisdom of Imix brilliantly reveals that while many on a spiritual path would prefer to focus on their “positive” attributes and ignore the “negative,” the reality is that to be human is to possess a full range of attributes, everything from the profound to the profane.  When we are willing to accept this paradox is when we are truly free.  While it may seem otherwise, by being open to the full spectrum of our humanity and divinity is what gives us freedom of choice over how we show up in our daily lives.

The shadow face of Imix + Hun arises when we ignore our unconscious darker forces allowing them to dominate our behaviors rather than shedding light upon them and choosing whether to act upon them or not.  Fooling ourselves into believing we possess no darkness leads us into being dominated by its hidden energy.  The lack of this awareness places us into the victimhood of being at the effect of the very outcomes we are generating from our own unconscious hidden intentions, much like a dog is maddened by chasing its own tail all the while believing it belongs to another animal. “Why me?  What did I do to deserve this kind of treatment?” characterizes today's shadow face.

The luminous face of Imix + Hun arises when we are willing to take responsibility for what shows up in our experience and life, especially those results which we believe we had nothing to do with causing.  The more we can own what shows up in our lives the more power we have to create new and inspiring outcomes and circumstances.  Imix reminds us that while the circumstances in our lives may at times seem unfair, unbearable or unwanted, whether we realize it or not they are an outcome of the thoughts, feelings and forces we have chosen to empower.