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“I didn’t think you could do it. But, my relationship with Melissa has been changed forever. You are our Ceaser Milan.”

Joan Rivers

"World Class Advisors."

Sir Richard Branson

"Exceptional command and deep experience!"

Jeff Hoffman

Former CEO,

Work with our personal development experts to produce a quantum leap in you life.  Our programs are designed for only the most discerning individuals who are ready to transform their lives.  Our focus is on exiting the ordinary and venturing into the extraordinary, ways of being alive that are vibrant, meaningful and deeply fulfilling.  While our work is considered "spiritual," it is grounded in human understanding, insight and practical wisdom. Here are a few of our flagship personal development programs and services:

The SupraSelf Life Mentoring Program 
The Diamius SupraSelf Life Mentoring Program is a deeply powerful life-changing process.  This transformational engagement process reaches deep into your inner greatness and capacity to redefine who you are at the core level so you are fully capable of producing extraordinary results in your life. Our mentoring clientele includes hundreds of Fortune 50 executives, enterprise-level country leaders, global thought leaders and world-class entrepreneurs.

The Stones of Truth 
The Stones of Truth is a powerful journey into the very core of one’s being.  It is an illuminating process of authentic inner and outer reality for all those on the path of human and spiritual fulfillment. The power of the Stones comes from the paradoxical truth that all of Creation as a whole dwells within each of its vast multitude of parts, everything from the micro to the macro, and from all that dwells within, to all that exists without.  In other words, the stone configurations that arise in the readings are a glimpse into the sacred relationship between our finite presence and our infinite nature.


The LifeChoice Intensive
The LifeChoice Intensive is a profound 3 day journey into our psyche or “emotional body,” an inner landscape our structuring of human emotion, awareness and perception.  The vital structuring explored is what we call “The Box,” an all-encompassing conclusive way of being in the world which we form during our first 5 to 6 years of life.  This invisible structuring protects us from threats, rejection, abuse, pain, loss and criticism, but at the same time insulates us from experiencing the richness of life.  Not only does the Box restrict our experience life’s richness, it diminishes our outward expressions, creativity, capacity to love, to be open, and most of all to contribute who we really are into the world.

Your Founder Facilitators, Val Jon Farris & Elizabeth Davidson
Both of these founding professionals have years of experience working with top talent, innovative entrepreneurs and recognized thought leaders from around the world.  For details bios see our "About Us" page.

"World Class Advisors."

Sir Richard Branson

“I didn’t think you could do it. But, my relationship with Melissa has been changed forever. You are our Ceaser Milan.”

Joan Rivers

"Exceptional command and deep experience!"

Jeff Hoffman

Former CEO,

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"I would rarely consider working with someone in this capacity besides my husband but I intuited that Val Jon would lend the objectivity and spiritual altitude I was seeking and I did not question my 'hit' Val Jon instantly created a safe, sacred and laser light of truth space. He just SAW me, saw things he could not have known had he not countenanced it from on high. He was loving, insightful, challenging (in a good way) and kept referencing me back to my own guidance."

Alisha Hayes

Life Coach and Spiritual Guide

“Outstanding, the best mentoring I have ever experienced. Val Jon Farris is an experienced coach who teaches from the heart. This mentoring program delivered big value and it showed me things that would be very hard to get any other way."

Alberto Golbert

Latin America Continent HR Director, Hewlett-Packard Company

"Val Jon completely got who I was on our first meeting.  Using the “Stones of Truth” he helped me to explore some deep issues I had around my well-being, success, and relationships.  It was quite extraordinary.  After we worked together things have shifted profoundly and one family issue around my son that was very painful for me is almost healed and a large business deal that I had written off resurfaced the week after."

David Couper

CEO & Founder, David Couper Consulting

"I recommend Val Jon Farris as a top-notch professional mentor, exceedingly creative, inspiring, with deep domain knowledge in transformational leadership, sincere and a passionate crusader making a huge difference, always willing to go the extra mile!"

Himanshu Jani

Director HR, Asia Pacific Continent, Agilent Technologies

"Val Jon's work was a life changing experience for me that I will hold in high regard forever.  The ability for us together to put a finger on and resolve inner complexities that I truly never knew existed within me has made me a better person with my family and a stronger leader in the workplace."

James Bateman

HP Enterprise Account Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company

"I've had the honor of working with Val Jon Farris in HP's Latin America Region.  He designed and delivered leadership programs to managers and executives in many Latin America countries, inspiring them to achieve better results through high impact skill sets.  I recommend Val Jon as a highly skilled professional, exceedingly creative, inspiring, with deep domain knowledge in transformational leadership, sincere, passionate and always willing to make a difference."

Carlos Apollonio

Human Resource Manager, Miami Headquarters, Hewlett-Packard Latin America

"Val Jon is a true thought-leader.  The leadership courses he designed for us spurred on self-realization, growth and behavior changes on the job for a multitude of our leaders.  Val Jon as a facilitator was wonderfully challenging to our leaders – and they flourished under his tutelage.  The years I spent working with him were productive, allowed me to improve as an L&D leader and I/O psychologist, and made a long-term impact."

Suzzanne Ippel

Senior Manager, Learning & Development, Intuit Corporation

"I could not imagine going through life without the wisdom I gained from attending this program. I am moving forward at an incredible pace.”

Colleen Moore

Psychologist & Marriage Family Counselor

"Thank you so much for the most remarkable and amazing experience of my life.  My respect and admiration always.”

Diane Mattar

Professional Artist & Painter

"A never-to-be-forgotten experience.  I’m getting so much more accomplished in my life.  Truly extraordinary!”

Dr. Carrie Thachuk

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor & Business Owner, Bukovina Naturopathic Medicine

“The mentoring skills fostered successful business practices and strategies for me and my entire staff. I can personally recommend them and this mentoring program without reservation.”

Rick Carlisle

Owner & CEO, Arktegraf, Incorporated

"It was the most powerful experience I have ever participated in.  It made a positive impact in every area of my life.”

Scott Emerich

Yoga Studio Owner & Entrepreneur

"Life changing.  I came at a low broken hearted time and was able to understand how my life has been affected deeply by early life decisions and how I can live in gratitude and extraordinarily.  The best program I've ever taken."

Christopher Lynch

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Lynch & Associates

"Val Jon's unique and effective guidance has allowed me to improve my life on personal and professional levels in profound ways.  He provides insightful perspective into the depth of being. My husband and I have grown both individually and together because of our experience with Val Jon."

Janet & Brian Regan

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Real Estate Brokerage