Retreats In San Miguel de Allende

Life guide and mentor, Val Jon Farris hosts a limited number of "Sacred Time" retreats in Northern Mexico.  Held in the UNESCO World Heritage town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico these exclusive five-day life expeditions are designed for professionals, business leaders, executives and successful entrepreneurs who are seeking “what’s next” in terms of living a deeper and more fulfilling life.  Sacred Time Retreats are available in two formats, a VIP format which provides one-on-one attention for individuals or couples, and a Small Group format for up to eight participants.

"Sacred Time:" Between, Below and Beyond The Obvious

"Sacred Time" is an ancient term used by the Maya, Aztec, Toltec and Olmec civilizations to describe a unique state of being, a way of perceiving the world and living life between, below and beyond the confines of our obvious understanding of reality.

  • Between the predictable cadence of time’s seconds, minutes and hours.
  • Below the constrictions of personal history, life story and predictable behavior.
  • Beyond the limitations of burden, obligation, duty and societal expectations.

The experience of Sacred Time is evoked through the masterful integration of deep one-on-one inner guidance work, communing with the majesty of Nature, engaging in yoga, meditation, sacred ceremonies and structured self-reflection time.  To enliven the experience, joyful sharing and exploring the beauty, art, culture and cuisine of San Miguel de Allende will be enthusiastically encouraged.

Sacred Time Retreat Outline (5-Day San Miguel Experience)

Day One Morning:

Breakfast, introductions, participant meet and greet. Overview and retreat purpose. Individual sharing of process, intentions and goals. What is "Sacred Time" discussion.


Lunch, sharing and pairing process. Tribal grounds excursion orientation. Group excursion: El Charco del Ingenio. "Ceremony of the Four Directions." Return to retreat center, group sharing.


Personal reflection time and journal work. Group dinner, sharing and insights. Facilitated session: "Mitote Dream Time."  Instructions for dream travel and documentation. Free time.

Day Two Morning:

Yoga session (optional but recommended). Breakfast, group sharing. Facilitated session: Introduction the "Stones of Truth." One-on-one "Stones" facilitation with group observation.


Group lunch, sharing and deepen "Stones" work. Continue "Stones" facilitation with group observation. Short break, rooftop movement exercise. Continue "Stones" facilitation.


"Stones" work completion and sharing. Preparation to explore San Miguel. Night out on the town (including dinner). Free time for participants.

Day Three Morning:

Yoga session (optional but recommended). Breakfast, sharing and insights. "Stones of Truth" completion. Participant declarations and action plans.


Excursion into town for colonial "comida" lunch. Facilitated session: "Living Into clean energy and clear space." Meditation, self-reflection, personal journal time.


Group dinner, sharing experiences and insights. Facilitation session: "Integration within" (mirror work). Completion and advanced dream time set up.

Day Four Morning:

Yoga session (optional but recommended). Breakfast, sharing and insights. Orientation for excursion. Excursion to Cañada de la Virgen Pyramids.


Lunch and sharing at the pyramids. "13 Worlds Ceremony." Group sharing and insights. Return to retreat for personal reflection time.


Group dinner, sharing of experiences and insights. Free time to explore San Miguel de Allende.

Day Five Morning:

Yoga session (optional but recommended). Breakfast, sharing, insights and applications. Facilitated session: "Navigating the inner and outer world." Sharing key experiences.


Group lunch, sharing and insights. Personal reflection time and journal work. Integration of all learnings, Preparation for evening town exploration.


Group dinner celebration and completion, sharing and insights. Personal time and individual sessions with facilitator. Prepare to check out following morning.

Hello to you.  I'm Val Jon Farris, your retreat facilitator.  Since I write my own bios I'll do it in first person.  I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to exploring and charting the terrain between what I call the nexus between the outer world and inner world.  I've hosted many expeditions to extraordinary destinations on Earth and from what I'm told by those I host is that I'm a trusted guide and mentor.

I took my vows of Bodhisattva at the age of 18 and soon after had the great fortune to personally learn the ways of stewardship and deep life contribution from extraordinary human beings such as Buckminster Fuller, Swami Muktananda, Sathya Sai Baba and Zen Master, Roshi Mumon Yamada.  These rare encounters set in motion a future path for me as a dedicated facilitator of deep self-development work and spiritual maturation.  Click here to see one of my expeditions to the Yucatan Peninsula where I share some of the wisdom of the ancient Mayan civilization.

In addition to my role as a retreat facilitator, I am also the CEO of Diamius Multinational, an international leadership development firm. Over the last 25 years I've had the privilege of championing enterprise-level programs for Fortune 50's in the U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia and India.  My company's clients include Hewlett-Packard Company, Agilent Technologies, Intel, Yahoo, Intuit, Pacific Telesis and many others.  My area of expertise is in C-Suite Executive Mentoring and designing and delivering large-scale workforce initiatives that foster leadership greatness, superlative character and peak performance. I ' a business development mentor for Richard Branson's XTC Academy and a recipient of numerous global industry leadership development awards. I love writing and contribute to many publications including the Huffington Post.

"World Class Adviser" - Sir Richard Branson 

Sacred Time Retreat Investment

Contact us about tuition costs for our five-day Sacred Time Retreat.  Services include all registration and pre-assessment materials, program curriculum, facilitation and workshops sessions, one-on-one guidance, yoga sessions, all planned excursions and tour guidance, breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, as well as world class accommodations at our grand retreat villa. What is not included is air and ground transportation, massage and body work sessions, staff tips and incidentals.

Travel & Logistical Information

Located 165 miles Northeast of Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is just over a 3 hour flight from Los Angeles or 2 hours Houston with an additional 90 minute limousine ride directly from the Leon, Mexico airport to our retreat villa in San Miguel. At between 4 and 5 hours travel time there is no other world class international retreat destination is easier to reach.

Our Next Sacred Time Retreat

Our next group format 5-day Sacred Time Retreat will be held in the 1st quarter of 2019 in San Miguel de Allende (dates TBD).  (Check-in is by 10:00 PM the evening prior to day 1 and check-out is by 11:00 AM the morning after day 5.) Airline booking should be made to Leon, Mexico, (a 2-hour flt from Houston and 3-hour flt from Los Angeles). Plan Leon airport arrival and departure times for the early afternoon. To register for our upcoming retreat or for more information  please fill out our inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Retreat Accommodations

Our 5,000 square foot retreat facility is located in the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende.  It has a large meeting space, indoor dining and outdoor patios, yoga and meditation areas, a spectacular rooftop view, a fully equipped kitchen and accommodations for up to eight guests. (Bedrooms are assigned based on first registered and rooms are double occupancy.) Our dedicated staff provide maid service, all meals and personal attention for our guests.

For more information about our Sacred Time Retreat, please send us a message.  We will personally reply and discuss the retreat details with you. (Note: Your contact information will be held in total confidence.)  See our extensive list of client testimonials below!

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Client Testimonials

"I would rarely consider working with someone in this capacity besides my husband but I intuited that Val Jon would lend the objectivity and spiritual altitude I was seeking and I did not question my 'hit' Val Jon instantly created a safe, sacred and laser light of truth space. He just SAW me, saw things he could not have known had he not countenanced it from on high. He was loving, insightful, challenging (in a good way) and kept referencing me back to my own guidance."

Alisha Hayes

Life Coach and Spiritual Guide

“Outstanding, the best retreat program I have ever experienced. Val Jon Farris is an experienced mentor who teaches from the heart. This mentoring program delivered big value and it showed me things that would be very hard to get any other way."

Alberto Golbert

Latin America Continent HR Director, Hewlett-Packard Company

"Val Jon has created and perfected a profound protocol that allowed me to see myself and be witnessed in a way that I had never imagined or experienced. His ability to hold a pristine space for healing and awakening resulted in true transformation at a soul and cellular level providing greater capacity to fulfill my purpose, mission and calling. If you are a leader or visionary who is called to touch, inspire and have impact, this process is essential and highly recommended."

Marcia Wieder

Founder, The Meaning Institute

"I recommend Val Jon Farris as a top-notch professional mentor, exceedingly creative, inspiring, with deep domain knowledge in transformational leadership, sincere and a passionate crusader making a huge difference, always willing to go the extra mile!"

Himanshu Jani

Director HR, Asia Pacific Continent, Agilent Technologies

"Val Jon is a true thought-leader.  The leadership retreat he designed for us spurred on self-realization, growth and behavior changes on the job for a multitude of our leaders.  Val Jon as a facilitator was wonderfully challenging to our leaders – and they flourished under his tutelage.  The years I spent working with him were productive, allowed me to improve as an L&D leader and I/O psychologist, and made a long-term impact."

Suzzanne Ippel

Senior Manager, Learning & Development, Intuit Corporation

"I could not imagine going through life without the wisdom I gained from attending this retreat. I am moving forward at an incredible pace.”

Colleen Moore

Psychologist & Marriage Family Counselor

"Val Jon's work was a life changing experience for me that I will hold in high regard forever.  The ability for us together to put a finger on and resolve inner complexities that I truly never knew existed within me has made me a better person with my family and a stronger leader in the workplace."

James Bateman

HP Enterprise Account Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company

"A never-to-be-forgotten experience.  I’m getting so much more accomplished in my life.  Truly extraordinary!”

Dr. Carrie Thachuk

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor & Business Owner, Bukovina Naturopathic Medicine

“The mentoring skills fostered successful business practices and strategies for me and my entire staff. I can personally recommend them and this mentoring program without reservation.”

Rick Carlisle

Owner & CEO, Arktegraf, Incorporated

"It was the most powerful experience I have ever participated in.  It made a positive impact in every area of my life.”

Scott Emerich

Yoga Studio Owner & Entrepreneur

"Life changing.  I came at a low broken hearted time and was able to understand how my life has been affected deeply by early life decisions and how I can live in gratitude and extraordinarily.  The best program I've ever taken."

Christopher Lynch

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Lynch & Associates

"Val Jon's unique and effective guidance has allowed me to improve my life on personal and professional levels in profound ways.  He provides insightful perspective into the depth of being. My husband and I have grown both individually and together because of our experience with Val Jon."

Janet & Brian Regan

Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Real Estate Brokerage

"Thank you so much for the most remarkable and amazing experience of my life.  My respect and admiration always.”

Diane Mattar

Professional Artist & Painter

“I’ve done many self-development workshops but this was by far the most profound and useful.”

Diane M.

Artist & Painter, Self Employed

“I could not imagine going through life without the wisdom I gained from attending this retreat program. I am moving forward at an incredible pace.”

James L.

Architect, Self-Employed

“Thank you so much for the most remarkable and amazing experience of my life.  My respect and admiration always.”

Shelly B.

Manager, Microsoft Corporation

“A truly loving and wonderful experience.  I am now fully present in the world!”

Julie M.

Event Organizer, Gold Country Events, Inc.

"Life changing.  I came at a low time and was able to understand how my life has been affected deeply by early life decisions and how I can now live in gratitude. Best workshop I've ever taken."

Barbara D.

Homemaker & Mother, My Family!

“A never-to-be-forgotten experience.  I’m getting so much more accomplished in my life.  Truly extraordinary!”

Alicia T.

Body Worker & Well-Being Coach, Self-Employed

"This retreat provided the only process to truly find my "self."  So intense, challenging and fulfilling.  Truly Extraordinary!!!"

Anderon M.

Health Food Distributor, Bright Earth Foods

“My life transformed after this retreat!  I am now fully at choice in my life and it is so freeing!  The facilitators were loving, authentic and really live what they teach."

William H.

Psychotherapist, APA

Send us an email if you would like to register for our March Sacred Time Retreat or if you have any questions about this retreat program or other events we offer.  We Will Reply To You Within 24 Hours.

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